Testimonial about Laura Butler-Rowe at Century 21, Action Real Estate by Jennifer Diane 01/21/2010

Laura was by and far the best realtor I have ever had the priviledge of working with. Not only was she professional, dotting all the "i's" and crossing all the "t's", she was also a warm and caring person who went the extra mile to make my husband and I happy and comfortable.
Two other realtors in that area had previously listed our unique property for an approx. total of 18 months without a single serious buyer. Repeatedly I was blamed and made to feel as if my property wasn't worth a dime.
In mid June '09 I contacted Laura about listing my property and she jumped at the chance, making me feel that there was still hope. She pointed out areas in need of improvement, as well as repeatedly giving me pep talks when I was feeling impatient and depressed. Not once did she ever make me feel as if I were to blame for lack of interest or that my property was anything by great.

The end of Sept. her office brought us a buyer and we closed before the end of October '09...it was by and far one of the quickest real estate transactions I had heard of!

I would highly recommend Laura Butler-Rowe of Century 21 in Center, Texas! She did an AWESOME job and earned every cent of her commission...Which by the way, was less than most of the other realtors in that area!